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Learn To Code, Set Big Goals First


You might be wondering why you need a big goal to learn to code. Isn’t a desire to learn enough? Surely that’s an admirable aim, but the truth is that learning computer code can be a tough journey. Coding isn’t magic, but it is complex. Along your journey, you will encounter innumerable moments of frustration.…

This Is Why You Should Learn MongoDB


After enrolling in a coding bootcamp, you may start to see it everywhere. Questions relating to MongoDB posed on Quora; highly trafficked forums on Stack Overflow written by fledgling developers and even veteran programmers who are curious to learn about the technology; and likely your boot camp instructors—those in real or virtual classrooms—will tell you…

Embrace Confusion

David Hallinan Embrace Confusion Blog Post

Berkeley coding boot camp instructor David Hallinan shares his expertise on learning to code. Learning how to code in just 12 weeks takes stamina and fortitude to get through the amount of work that the students have to master. Instructor David Hallinan understands the weight of this curriculum, and shares his mantra with the students:…

Why UX and UI Are Important

Why UX and UI Are Important Berkeley Boot Camps Blog

As a developer, aspiring developer, or even a web-based business owner, there are two things that you should never forget about: UX and UI. UX refers to “user experience,” while UI refers to “user interface.” While neither one is more important than the other, if done correctly, the two can work in tandem to create…

Myths About Coding Boot Camps

Myths About Coding Boot Camps Blog Post

If you’ve decided to learn web development, you’ve probably done some research to find a method or program that’s right for you. A quick web search will turn up a lot of resources on the subject, and webpages for programs called “coding boot camps.” This may have sparked your interest, and like everything else, there…

UC Berkeley Extension launches UX/UI Boot Camp

UC Berkeley Extension

UC Berkeley Extension has announced that it will begin offering a new user experience/user interface, or UX/UI boot camp starting November 28 at its San Francisco campus. This will be the third boot camp launched by UC Berkeley Extension — the other two focus on coding and data analytics — according to UC Berkeley Extension Engineering and Technology Program Director…

Five Tips for Writing Better Code

Five Tips for Writing Better Code Blog Berkeley Boot Camps

It’s no secret—programmers strive to write good code. It’s just in their nature. Coding takes patience and precision, and it’s fair to assume that most individuals with these traits wouldn’t be involved in the trade if they wanted to write sloppy code. Seasoned coders will tell you though, there are a few tricks to writing…

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