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5 High-Paying Careers That Require Data Analysis Skills

data analyst berkeley ca

  Today’s world revolves around data. Every time we use our smartphone or log into our computer, we leave a data trail behind us.   How do we make sense of all that data? Through careful data analysis. By inspecting, transforming and modeling that data, data analysts are able to discover useful information that uncovers…

The Skills and Tools Every Data Scientist Must Master

data scientist berkeley ca

    Data scientists are in high demand in a wide variety of industries ranging from general business and finance to healthcare and science. Data scientists are required to know a vast amount of information pertaining to computer science, data visualization, and data analysis along with statistics and machine learning. There are many skills and…

Front-End vs. Back-End vs. Full-Stack Developers

full stack development berkeley ca

Web development has rapidly expanded in the past decade, this trend is projected to continue. With some giving growth projections of 20 percent or more, web developers can expect to have a thriving market for the foreseeable future. Because  website developers are in such high demand, they can expect to receive ample compensation from employers. They…

Is A Coding Bootcamp Right For You?

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The idea of a coding bootcamp first launched about five years ago. However, this intense, immersive training approach quickly gained traction with both developers and employers. A recent Course Report study revealed that approximately 22,000 students will graduate from some sort of coding course in 2017. The industry is still showing growth potential as employers…

How to Build a Web Developer Portfolio that Helps You Land the Job


Congratulations! You’ve just finished an immersive, highly challenging (but rewarding) coding bootcamp that has advanced your skills, increased your experience levels, and elevated your overall programming capabilities. Now what? If you’re like many coding bootcamp graduates, your next goal is to put your newfound skills, talents, and abilities to good use by launching your job…

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