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UX Design Explained in 60 Seconds

UX Design Berkeley CA

Design is a core piece of life. Every human-made invention in our lives has been designed for a specific use: whether it be the apps on our phones, the style of our homes, or express lanes on the interstate, design is everywhere.   UX design, or user experience design, is the process of designing experiences,…

Why UX and UI Are Important

Why UX and UI Are Important Berkeley Boot Camps Blog

As a developer, aspiring developer, or even a web-based business owner, there are two things that you should never forget about: UX and UI. UX refers to “user experience,” while UI refers to “user interface.” While neither one is more important than the other, if done correctly, the two can work in tandem to create…

UC Berkeley Extension launches UX/UI Boot Camp

UC Berkeley Extension

UC Berkeley Extension has announced that it will begin offering a new user experience/user interface, or UX/UI boot camp starting November 28 at its San Francisco campus. This will be the third boot camp launched by UC Berkeley Extension — the other two focus on coding and data analytics — according to UC Berkeley Extension Engineering and Technology Program Director…