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At Berkeley Boot Camps, we take pride in our students and not only admire the dedication they display throughout our programs, but their achievements after graduation.

Learning a new trade is an intensive journey, so we know that choosing the program or boot camp that will deliver your education is an incredibly important decision.

Explore how our programs can make a lasting impact in your life by reading the below testimonials and reviews from Berkeley Coding, Data Analytics, and UX/UI Boot Camp students.

Review: ”Berkeley Boot Camp delivered a top quality that is expected from its brand and exceeds expectations.”
Ege Ertem
  • Part-Time
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: San Francisco
I had decided to get hands-on technical training when I first moved to the Silicon Valley as a senior business development director. In the new world order, even if you are in managerial positions, you need to be on top of recent technological developments. I searched for the right bootcamp for some time and until I found Berkeley, none of the bootcamps fulfilled my requirements. First of all, I was looking for a serious and challenging training beyond just having a certificate. Second, I was looking for a serious organization capable of handling the support required to be provided to a number of people who are all new to the technology to a certain extent. Berkeley bootcamp ticked all the boxes for me.

I had pretty high expectations from Berkeley in terms of quality of the content, which was obviously met, but honestly I was not expecting instructors who have so much practical hands-on proficiency. I thought the instructors would be very high caliber but not with a lot of practical industry expertise. To my surprise, all instructors not only have great technical capabilities but also armed by hands-on development expertise and of course backed by Berkeley’s attention to detail for quality. Berkeley defined the whole curriculum literally minute by minute.

My advice is to really do your homework before you select a bootcamp. The investment is serious, so you should only make such an investment with an organization that you can rely on.

Berkeley Boot Camp delivered a top quality that is expected from its brand and exceeds expectations in terms of fun and practicality of the program. I strongly recommend Berkeley programs.

Review: ”I truly feel that the staff at UC Berkeley Extension genuinely cares about our successes.”
Eri Nagase
  • Full-Time
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: San Francisco
I decided to go to coding boot camp when I became fed up with trying to build my own website using online courses. I stumbled upon the UC Berkeley Extension Coding Bootcamp and haven’t looked back since. From the recruiting phase to completing the program, I have had people from various tiers of the organization supporting me along the way.

My recruiter, Steven, was extremely, responsive, helpful, and encouraging during the application process. The instructional staff, which includes an instructor and two TAs, have consistently gone above and beyond to make sure none of us were left behind. I have never heard of any other coding boot camp that offers such ample after hours support. Our professor implemented new weekly one on one sessions with students upon receiving feedback that some were falling behind, and our TA volunteered to host weekly review sessions for the students. Both have been extremely helpful and appreciated by all of us. Further, knowing how intensive the boot camp is, the instructional staff makes sure to check in with students frequently not only on the academic component, but also on our emotional and physical wellbeing.

In addition to the recruiter and instructional team support, we have a Student Success Manager, a complementary tutoring service, and an entire career services team to supplement our experience in the boot camp. It is without a doubt that coding boot camp is one of the hardest challenges most will ever face. Without such a strong support system, I don’t think I would have done as well as I did. If you are considering going to coding boot camp, I would highly recommend applying to the UC Berkeley Extension Coding Bootcamp. You will be at ease knowing that you will be as prepared of a web developer as you can be with an entire organization backing you up. I truly feel that the staff at UC Berkeley Extension genuinely cares about our successes.

Review: ”The most efficient way to start a new career.”
Flavio Martins
  • Part-Time
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: San Francisco
I truly like this course and it is worth it but it requires a lot of persistence and dedication. I would definitely recommend it  and if you are considering the course you need to be aware of the circumstances that need to be available to you so that you can be successful. I don’t know what you’re situation is but you will need on average a minimum of 40 hours per week of self-study to be a able to take advantage of all of the resources that they make available to you.

About Me: I have had an ongoing learning/working relationship with technology ever since the age of 13. It started with learning how to use and fix desktop computers for personal use to a couple years later teaching at a tech information school my dad had purchased and being the tech support for my town for years. I have always been very curious and interested in learning more even if it had to be on my own and I believe that has been my solid foundation that set the tone for my learning experience due to the great amount of self-studying involved in the course.

Overall Experience: I am very appreciative for the experience I have been given and the opportunities the course provided as well. My teachers, teacher assistants and peers have been all key elements to heighten my experience. Teachers for providing the information with ease and the TA’s for always being ready to answer all of my questions, mind you that there have been an infinite amount of them, and lastly some of my peers that have pushed me further with each week to help test my limits and allow me to be the best student I could be. I am also grateful for the facility being available pretty much the entire day because that way I always had a quiet appropriate place to study properly and for the amount of hours I saw fit.

Instructors: All my instructors had different backgrounds coming from different places and even work experience for that matter but they all had a vast knowledge of the material. They all had a lot of experience in the area but that didn’t impede them from make it as simple or as thorough as necessary to make sure that we truly understood what it was we were inquiring about. What I most liked about them is the fact that they weren’t just there to teach or give you everything in hand but the dynamic of their teaching is that they guide you and make you come to the conclusion yourself just as a mentor would.

Curriculum: This course’s curriculum is very broad which in this case is actually really good because you don’t necessarily go into only one aspect of development meaning you learn everything. Think of it this way, instead of learning something already ready and just implementing it, you learn from the ground 0 then mastering all aspects of it. You become familiar with all the ins and outs becoming a more well rounded developer. If that doesn’t convince you, then just for the fact that you get double the amount of time that most boot camps offer for the same price allows you to get the most out of the course.

Job Assistance: Through the UC Berkeley Extension Program, we have career classes that are geared on helping us prepare for the work force. Our Career Director helps us polish our LinkedIn profiles/Resumes to make them attractive for potential recruiters. They also offer company tours at some of potential employers that allows us to get to know the work environment from the inside and getting real life testimonials from people in the field. It also provides for great networking opportunities that could be very beneficial for future endeavors.

Just know that if a husband and father of a toddler can do it, you most definitely can too, just dedicate and invest in yourself.

Review: ”Best decision I have ever made!”
Mikhail Metrikin
  • Part-Time
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Course: Full Stack Flex
  • Campus: San Francisco
I recently completed the 6-month variant of the UC Berkeley Boot Camp as one of the members of the very first cohort, and just this past week I accepted a job as a front-end engineer at a startup with a starting salary in the 90k range.

Before coming to this boot camp, I had been teaching myself to program for about a year, but slowly, and had also been able to essentially intern (largely for free) for a company learning to write automated tests in Python. So, my experience with code was past absolute beginner.

I knew I needed to find a way to elevate myself quickly to a professional developer’s level, and I knew that the quickest way to do this was to focus on a JavaScript – front-end to full-stack engineering boot camp.

After researching a number of them, I chose this one partly because it was among the least expensive by far, and also because of the name recognition (Berkeley). I was happy about the prospect of taking 6 months to learn everything I wanted as I knew I would need to work part-time and generally use the time to consume more information on my own.

This boot camp took me and my cohort through a curriculum that rivaled if not largely beat the curriculum of more famous and expensive place like HR, App Acad and Dev BC. This according to notes (and code) compared with my friends who attended each. They cover everything about the front-end from your first introduction to HTML/CSS to coding in JavaScript all the way through to React powered full-stack applications.

The instructors Michael and David were both excellent. Personable, kind, and (most importantly) genuinely engaged with the idea of transferring as much of their knowledge of the science and art of programming professionally onto all the students. Michael had a traditional CS background and a number of years of work while David was a grad of HR with a couple of years of working experience, which made them each compelling for their individual experiences. They are both excellent programmers.

The same idea carries throughout the organization. Rosa, the career director, cares for the concerns and roadblocks individual students might face, and Sam of career services is constantly involved in building your public profiles and presentational person for career services. Although, ultimately, this part of the program is perhaps the weakest, as their networks are not the same as your bigger and far far more expensive BC’s.

I also got a chance to meet Pavan, someone from the parent organization of the BC, a company called Trilogy that partners with universities throughout the country to create these boot camps for them. Pavan was also smart, kind, and committed to hearing about my experience as a student. They all wanted to see me thrive, and not just collect a check and pepper you with information only to leave you to “sink or swim” as the case in some other programs.

By the mid-point of the program we were already writing full-stack applications with our own server instances (Node.js), and using them to render templated views of custom sites which would both consume various API’s and also access our own SQL or noSQL backend data services. Students would voluntarily explore topics like user authentication with Passport.js or WebSocket enabled multi-user live interfaces. I dove into a Google Maps Api for my first (one of three) major projects and came away with a powerful new tool.

It was at this time that I started to peek at the work my friends had/were doing at the more popular BC variants out here in SF, only to discover that their body of work was tiny in comparison. Often not particularly broad. Nothing wrong with checking out the competition once in a while. Right?

Now, like any programming cohort there was a range of stories, many struggled HARD, and some essentially failed or gave up, but to those that did not, the experience has left them with a significant number of projects across the modern JavaScript stack and an overall broad knowledge of how the heck a modern web app is built from the ground to the backend MongoDB non-relational database. Sorry, bad programming humor.

Ultimately no Boot Camp can singularly guarantee you a great engineering education if you just sit there with your arms crossed waiting for the instructor to automatically funnel the information into your head, you have to do the work. And, not only that, but rise to the occasion to exploit the technology introduced more deeply.

Having that attitude may mean that you will be successful at most any boot camp, but this one will introduce you and set the stage for a deep variety of topics that you will want to expand on and explore to secure a mastery.

As a student I realize I may have been an exception with my incoming experience and devotion to extra learning on the side. I would constantly look to expand on the assigned homework and develop new and unexpected features not explicitly required in the assignment.

However a number of my peers who I now get to call good friends, had not touched code until starting this program, and through constant devotion to learning and playing with code they have all elevated their skills far beyond what I was able to achieve in my very first half-year of programming knowledge.

So if you are serious, want to learn a lot about the modern web, and plan to build on what this school offers you to stand out from the busy boot camp graduate field out here in the SF/Bay Area, then this school will help you prosper!

Best decision I have ever made! Can’t wait to get started with my new job.

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