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Our CodingData AnalyticsUX/UICybersecurity, and Digital Marketing programs all give students a dynamic learning environment that combines informative lectures with individual and collaborative team exercises. By working independently and in groups, inside and outside the classroom, you’ll gain multi-faceted experience that simulates real-life work conditions.

Engaging homework assignments give students a chance to utilize what they’ve learned and maximize their mastery of the topics covered in class. By immersing you in a skills-based curriculum, we provide hands-on learning and insight into a “day in the life” of a full stack developer, data analyst, UX/UI, or digital marketer.

It is worth it, but it requires a lot of persistence and dedication—Instead of learning something already ready and just implementing it, you learn from ground 0 and then master all aspects of it. You become familiar with all the ins and outs, becoming a more well-rounded developer. Just know that if a husband and father of a toddler can do it, you most definitely can too, just dedicate and invest in yourself.

-Flavio, Coding Boot Camp Graduate

We provide all the resources you need digitally, so there isn’t an added expense of books or learning materials. By collaborating with your fellow peers on projects, you will be able to put your knowledge to work and solve complex problems, all while adding to your professional portfolio. The course structure for our programs is categorized into three groups:

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Instructors lead discussions examining the background, history, and use of a new concept or technology.

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Lab Work

Through timed, in-class exercises and projects, you will work individually and in groups to gain hands-on practice.

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Portfolio Projects

Your portfolio shows employers that you have the skills they need. You’ll build a robust portfolio of apps and projects that prove your mastery across a wide variety of technologies.

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