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Move closer to your dream career by working with our career support team. You’ll get direct access to resources, events, career pathing support, and our network of 260+ employer partners who love to hire boot camp graduates.

A Career-Building Experience Developed With Your Goals in Mind

From day one of your boot camp journey, you’ll have access to a dedicated career team focused on helping you reach your professional goals.

Optimized for You

Work with your Career Materials Advisor and Career Coach to tailor your professional materials to your career goals and gain insight on becoming a competitive candidate for your job search. Attend exclusive career workshops and industry events that align with your professional interests.

Match With Employers

Our career team has built relationships with 260+ employers across the globe. Develop a competitive resume with the help of your Career Materials Advisors to get premier access to job referrals for open roles that match your skill set and put you on the path to your dream career.

Continued Assistance

Once you complete the program, you’ll continue to receive career support through the Career Engagement Network to ensure you’re always putting your best professional foot forward — no matter where you happen to be in your career.

Career Support at a Glance

Boot Camp Career Support

Offered throughout boot camp and up to 90 days after boot camp completion:

  • Unlimited review of professional materials
  • Personalized interview preparation
  • Tailored career coaching to help you meet your professional goals
  • Dedicated support navigating an industry or career change
  • Expertise and guidance on most effective job search strategies

Career Engagement Network

Benefit from career support throughout your career

  • Job referrals to open positions at 260+ employer partners
  • Professional workshops and industry events offered regularly
  • Networking opportunities and exclusive career fairs
  • Resources specific to your industry and career path

Dedicated Support During the Boot Camp

Define Your Path

Not sure where your next career move will take you? Our career team will help you map a clear path and target a role you’re excited about.

Build Competitive Professional Materials

Work with the career team to tell your professional story through your brand statement, craft a resume tailored to your desired industry, and polish your online presence to increase your visibility.

Network Meaningfully

Develop a plan for networking and interviewing with your coach. You’ll gain access to our national guide of meetups and events, plus a number of resources to help you make new connections in-person and online.

Access Exclusive Job Referrals

Get access to exclusive open roles and submit your resume through our job board. Work with your career team to unlock access to job referrals to relevant and open positions through our 260+ employer partners.

Ace Your Interview

Complete mock interviews with your coach to prepare — we’ll even provide advice on how to tackle interview practice problems. Access resources on effective interview practices and get the opportunity to attend behavioral and field-specific interview workshops.

Becoming Employer-Ready

Our career team works with hundreds of employer partners to understand exactly what they’re looking for in top candidates. Our research has enabled us to develop a standard of job applicant preparedness called Employer-Ready (ER). We want to help you get to this level and secure your dream position.

Develop Your Industry-Backed Resume

  • Work with your Career Material Advisor to develop a resume/CV that meets industry standards
  • Then, work 1:1 with your Career Coach on a tailored approach to accomplishing your career goals

Develop Your Additional Career Materials

  • Becoming Employer-Ready is a crucial first step in your journey to getting hired
  • To become Employer-Ready, you need to complete all additional necessary career materials that employers expect to see, such as a GitHub, portfolio, or LinkedIn (requirements vary by program)
  • After completing all necessary career materials, continue to work with your Career Coach on job searching, networking, interviewing, and more

Stay Supported Throughout Your Career

We know that your next step after the boot camp isn’t always your final destination. The Career Engagement Network (CEN) is your one-stop shop where you can find resources, guides, and ongoing professional events and workshops to help you maintain your competitive edge even after you’ve completed your boot camp. 

We’re here to help you thrive as you pursue your career path — you’ll get continued access to professional templates and networking events, plus referrals to roles with our 260+ employer partners.

Career Services FAQ

Who is my career team, and when do I meet them?

Your career team includes a dedicated contact for career material feedback and for career coaching. They offer professional materials reviews and 1:1 coaching to share strategies, tools, and additional resources to help you conduct a competitive search. Your career team will send you an email on day 2 of your program and will be in constant contact to keep you on track with your material submissions and career journey.

How does the career team’s employer network benefit me?

The career team has a network of over 260 employer partners. You’ll work with your Career Material Advisor and Career Coach to become eligible for job referrals to our employer partners. We maintain a close relationship with our partners to stay up-to-date on what they are looking for in top candidates. We then use that information to guide the career support that you receive and to make sure our curriculum features the most in-demand skills. We are always updating our program’s curriculum and career resources to be in line with what employers are looking for. As a boot camp learner, you’ll gain exclusive access to the knowledge and resources to best position you for success.

What type of job can I get after the boot camp?

While there are general job types and career paths that match your program, your target role will depend on variables such as your past experience, career interests, and where you’d like to live — not to mention, the work you put into your search. Your Career Coach can help you determine which path(s) are best for you and help you review job descriptions of your target roles to help make you as competitive of a candidate as possible.

What support or resources are available to me to prepare for interviews?

The career team offers interview support in the following ways: 

  • Mock Interviews – You can schedule a mock behavioral interview with your Career Coach who will offer feedback to help you improve your soft skills. 
  • Behavioral Interview Prep Session – Sign up for a behavioral interview workshop, which explores the basics of a behavioral interview, shares best practices, and provides you with an approach to respond to common interview questions. 
  • Field-Specific Interview Workshop – You can also register for one of our various field-specific interview workshops. You’ll learn strategies on how to answer specific questions within an industry/role in the first half, after which, you’ll practice with a set of real-world questions. 

Will I be successful in finding a new job or securing a promotion?

It is important to note that success in your job search depends on your target role, your market, and most importantly, YOU. Career support is here to amplify your efforts, not replace them. Our team can help you become a more competitive candidate and through that process, increase your chances of achieving your career goals.

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