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How to Build a Web Developer Portfolio that Helps You Land the Job


Congratulations! You’ve just finished an immersive, highly challenging (but rewarding) coding bootcamp that has advanced your skills, increased your experience levels, and elevated your overall programming capabilities. Now what? If you’re like many coding bootcamp graduates, your next goal is to put your newfound skills, talents, and abilities to good use by launching your job…

Create A Coding Job Hunt Action Plan In 8 Easy Steps


Let’s face it – job hunting can be stressful, particularly for any individual who is changing fields or reentering the workforce after being out of the field for a few years. You can instantly find yourself overwhelmed as you carefully weed through open coding positions with the masses of other candidates vying for the same…

Web Designers vs. Web Developers: Which Am I?


It takes a village to build and maintain a website, and in today’s world, there are usually two types of villagers you’ll encounter. Web developers and designers, work closely together to build websites, but are different in so many ways. While no two are the same, both groups share certain personality traits that make them…

9 Telltale Signs It’s Time For A New Career

Sometimes, our readiness for a career change is blatant, revealing itself in a "well, that was the last straw" kind of way. However, for most of us, the need for a new gig is often so subtle that we easily miss the warning signs until we go into full-blown meltdown mode. If you're starting to…

Become a Computer Software Engineer Without a Degree


Software Engineering is a worldwide industry that can open new horizons for technological advancements and career growth. While employment rates in other sectors are continually fluctuating, IT is continuously on the rise. More and more people want to learn software engineering and become web developers, computer programmers, and software engineers. As a result of these…