Finding His Niche: Lyle Greene Secured a New Job with Perseverance and Passion

Lyle Greene always knew he was passionate about a career in account management and sports.

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Sociology, Lyle went on to become an account manager for Dr Pepper Snapple Group and later managed sales for the NFL’s Oakland Raiders (now the Las Vegas Raiders). Next, he landed at Coaching Corps, a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening youth sports in low income communities. He quickly became immersed in the world of digital marketing — and loved it.

“They started giving me more digital marketing tasks. I was running their social media, helping out with their emails and system events. I realized I was super passionate about it,” Lyle said. 

Like millions of Americans, Lyle’s passion and work ethic couldn’t compete with the economic fallout of COVID-19. In the summer of 2020, he was laid off. Eager to make the most of his unemployment, he decided to enroll in the Berkeley Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Rising to the occasion (amid uncertainty)

Despite his enthusiasm about digital marketing, Lyle was initially hesitant to enroll in the boot camp. “I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect,” he explained. After a year of unprecedented uncertainty, Lyle’s concerns were understandable.

He eventually came around. His decision to embrace the uncertainty and pursue his passion would pay off immediately. “The program gave me the much-needed structure I was craving,” he said. 

It offered Lyle a routine and support system in the interim period of unemployment — and that was only the tip of the iceberg.

“A key aspect of what made the course so special was working with and networking alongside classmates,” he said.” “Hearing about what they were looking to accomplish in the future kept me positive and focused.” 

He also attended office hours before and after class a number of times to better understand the material and speak with his instructor, Thomas. “I liked spending that extra time to make sure I really got it,” he said. 

Building invaluable skills for the future

From brand strategy, to content optimization, to competitive research — Lyle was completely immersed in digital marketing. 

“I learned about Google Ads, Google Analytics, display ads, search ads, lead generation and the conversion funnel,” he explained. “I learned the essential pillars for a successful business to have a strong, robust and analytical concept of marketing strategy.” 

This hands-on, technical education offered insight into real-world applications that were relevant to his ongoing job search. 

With help from instructors and the boot camp’s Career Services team, Lyle revamped his resume, attended networking webinars and reviewed cover letters — all while keeping up with the program. 

Investing in oneself for maximum return

Lyle’s perseverance and choice to invest in himself paid off within weeks of the boot camp’s completion. 

“I was laid off in August of 2020 and the boot camp went from September until January 2021. I got a job in February, so it was a pretty fast transition from the camp to a new job,” he said. 

Lyle’s new role as Community Marketing Manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods is the perfect intersection of his passion for sports and digital marketing. 

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year, but Lyle Greene turned challenges into opportunities with his positive attitude, willingness to learn and patience. 

“The boot camp was a bright spot in 2020,” he said. The impact of this program still echoes throughout his life, both in his new role and relationships. “I still keep in touch with several people from the course, following their journey, and they’re following mine as well.” 

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