9 Telltale Signs It’s Time For A New Career

Sometimes, our readiness for a career change is blatant, revealing itself in a “well, that was the last straw” kind of way. However, for most of us, the need for a new gig is often so subtle that we easily miss the warning signs until we go into full-blown meltdown mode. If you’re starting to think about an occupational transition but aren’t quite sure you’re ready, read on. Knowing these nine telltale signs can help you determine if it’s time for you to move onto a new professional endeavor; possibly a coding career.

Sign #1: The Snooze Alarm Is Your Best Friend

Are you struggling to remember the days when you couldn’t wait to get up and at ’em at work? It’s a common occurrence for those not satisfied at their place of employment. If you’ve suddenly found that waking up every morning is a chore and you’re hitting the snooze button more often than usual, it could be a sign that you’re not as fulfilled at the office as you should be.

Sign #2: You Suddenly Loathe Your Commute

Do you endure your commute each day with full-on road rage…even when there’s no traffic? Unwarranted anger is a clear indication that there’s something else in life that’s upsetting you. If you find yourself tense on the road, irritated with other motorists, or just generally disliking your drive for no apparent reason, you may have a problem with the destination, not the actual journey.

Sign #3: You’re Constantly Clock Watching

We all know that when we’re bored and unhappy, time stands still. Happy employees barely notice the hours passing as they joyfully complete their daily tasks and initiatives. However, people who have mentally clocked out at the office find themselves continuously clock watching, writhing uncomfortably as each sluggish minute passes. If so, the clock might be telling you that it’s time to stop the vicious cycle and start considering new professional fields you’d like to try.

Sign #4: Lunch Can’t Come Soon Enough

Of course, time’s complete standstill can wreak havoc on an unhappy worker’s appetite. If you’ve suddenly found yourself heading out for lunch every day before 11 a.m. not because you’re hungry, but because you simply need a break, you may be someone who is ready to begin a new job search. Put the local takeout menu down and start strategizing your next career move.

Sign #5: Lattes Are Suddenly Life

Heading out for an early lunch is great – until it’s actually lunchtime and you realize you can’t make it another minute in the office, so you bolt for a quick coffee break. Take a look at your current monthly latte bill – if you’re spending enough at Starbucks to support a small country just because your coffee breaks are the only light at the end of your abysmal workday tunnel, it’s probably time to start updating your resume and developer portfolio.

Sign #6: You’re Officially The Office Grump

Try as we may, career malcontent is virtually impossible to contain. Eventually, our contempt finds an escape route, often oozing out of us onto the people around us (aka our coworkers). Yes, we all have moments of frustration with those we work with on a daily basis. However, if you’re physically incapable of masking your scorn and disdain for your colleagues, you may want to ask yourself why. If your inability to play well with others is directly related to job dissatisfaction, you have two choices: seek gainful employment elsewhere or settle into your new role as the official Office Grump.

Sign #7: You Binge Watch Netflix – During Work Hours

Let’s be honest – we all need (and yes, we all take) an occasion digital break during the workday to catch up on personal emails, social media updates, and a wide range of other not entirely acceptable activities throughout the workday. Taking a short stretch to unplug, check out Facebook, and rejuvenate a bit to tackle the rest of your day is fine. However, there’s a very definite line between enjoying a quick reprieve and flagrantly ignoring your actual job. Spending hours retweeting and/or binge-watching Netflix while on the company dime is an obvious sign you’re ready to move on to something new.

Sign #8: You Just Don’t Care Anymore

When asked how you feel about your job, does the word “apathetic” instantly come to mind? Are you just going through the motions to get to the end of your day as quickly, painlessly, and effortlessly as possible? If you’re continuously phoning it in at your place of business, it’s probably time to acknowledge a new career opportunity is a good idea.

Sign #9: Bedtime Keeps Getting Later (And Later…And Later)

Constant workplace dread can have a negative impact on our nighttime routines, causing us to stay up as late as possible in a futile attempt to stave off morning, so we don’t have to go back to work. Sound familiar? If you’re pushing off bedtime as an unconscious effort to get out of having to go into the office, you may want to start researching a coding bootcamp to develop the skills needed for a new career.

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