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Meet Instructors Berkeley Boot Camps

At Berkeley Boot Camps, we hold our instructors to the highest standards because we know they are an integral component to a quality learning experience. To best represent a professional working environment, we employ instructors who are active practitioners with a minimum of three years of experience in the industry.

With experience working at companies like Facebook, Pandora, and Pinterest—we are incredibly proud of our instructional team and inspired by the passion they display in the classroom. Learn about a few of our instructors below.

Christian Vuerings

Fun Fact: He is originally from Belgium.

Read Christian’s bio.

Michael Bethencourt

Fun Fact: He likes every food he’s ever tried.

Read Michael’s bio and watch his video.

Jayson Phillips

Fun Fact: Originally from NYC, Jayson enjoys everything the Bay Area has to offer: wonderful food, moderate weather, cycling, hiking and yes, burritos!

Read Jayson’s bio.

Pavan Berkeley Boot Camps Instructor BioPavan Katepalli

Fun Fact: He made his own fantasy football formulas.

Read Pavan’s bio and watch his video.

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