About Pavan Katepalli

Pavan has taught and made his own curriculum for web development as an Adjunct Instructor for Barnard College of Columbia University as well as General Assembly.

He fell into web development after his girlfriend got blood clots in her leg and lung. It inspired him to make INRTracker.com, to help her and the millions of others who have suffered from clots. He now works on the site with her, and he couldn’t wish for more meaningful work.

In the past he was a developer for a leading ad tech company, Media Math. There he played a key role in launching an internal Business Intelligence platform to automate operations, billing, work assignment and discrepancy analysis. He also hired, interviewed and on-boarded junior developers and started a monthly international Hack and Tell event bridging the gap between executives and developers.

Fun Facts:

  • He participated in the NJ Comedy Festival for two years
  • He has 2 cats and a rabbit
  • He made his own fantasy football formulas
  • His favorite band is Depeche Mode
  • He once stayed on his feet and danced for 48 hours straight, which promptly was followed by a week of being sick