About Michael

Michael has been coding since he was a kid, learning on an old Apple II computer (the type with giant whirring drives and white-on-blue text). He taught himself web development for a part-time job in high school, and went on to graduate from UW-Madison with a B.S. in Computer Science. He has worked at a few well-known web companies (Facebook, deviantART), before finding his niche in smaller companies that enable him to keep up with more cutting edge tech. It also enabled him to play a more prominent role in topics closer to his heart, most recently at Lucid, an Oakland-based green energy start up, where he built a energy budgeting system using Django and React.js.

He’s also always had a passion for teaching. He volunteered for years to teach children CS basics, after eagerly learning from workshops in CS primary education. Thriving on imparting “aha!” moments to others, he now enthusiastically teaches web development at UC-Berkeley Extension.

Fun Facts:

  • He likes every food he’s ever tried
  • He’s a sci-fi nerd (Picard is his favorite captain)
  • He develops video games in his spare time
  • His favorite Pokemon is Jigglypuff
  • He has a copy of hacker-celebrity Kevin Mitnick’s business card, which notably doubles as a lock-picking kit (which he may or may not have employed…)