Become a Computer Software Engineer Without a Degree


Software Engineering is a worldwide industry that can open new horizons for technological advancements and career growth. While employment rates in other sectors are continually fluctuating, IT is continuously on the rise. More and more people want to learn software engineering and become web developers, computer programmers, and software engineers. As a result of these market trends, people are now breaking into computer software engineering in various avenues other than the traditional four-year computer science degree.

Software Engineering: Career Change Isn’t a Stigma Anymore

The pressure of making a career choice before you graduate is an immense decision for any college student. It can feel wrong to not decide on a career by the time you finish your degree. As a result, many students realize mid-way through their academic learning that they’re not a fit for their program. It’s even common for professionals in the field who already have several years of experience underneath them to start to pursue an entirely different field, even if it requires them to get additional education.

Today, making a career change after you’ve already spent years in one career is not a stigma. Take a look at the Information Technology field and how it grew into the dominant industry it is today. Many people working in non-IT industries don’t know anything about computers but still, break into the software development world in a non-traditional manner. In fact, most individuals who have transitioned into computer software engineering do so as a result of the available opportunities that have opened up and the ability to acquire a better quality of life with a higher annual income.

Software Engineers – What Do They Do

A ‘software engineer’ can sound outdated now that software developers have become the more common role in recent years. Software engineers are technically-versed people who work to design, develop, implement and maintain software solutions. Programming is a small part of what software engineers do.

This is why people often confuse programmers with software engineers. A software engineer handles everything from listening to a client’s needs when it comes to creating software to successfully launching its implementation. On the other hand, a programmer enters the process at the “coding” phase.

The role of a software engineer can be difficult to describe as it can cover multiple job positions that appear to be similar or identical. Software engineers have become integral to practically every industry today. Even though any committed individual can pick from a variety of paths within the field to get started, the IT industry is currently facing a shortage of technically-savvy candidates.


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